The Power of Attention: Shaping a Life of Presence

"Because what you give you attention to is the person you become… in the end your life is no more than the sum of what you gave your attention to.”-John Mark Comer

Take a moment to let that sink in. 🌟

In a world that constantly rushes us forward, encourages us to be endlessly busy, and keeps our eyes glued to screens, we often overlook one vital truth: our LIFE is a SUM of what we give our attention to.

As a mother, this revelation is even more profound. We're faced with the journey of nurturing our children. In this whirlwind of parenthood, we can forget that our life is a collection of the moments we truly experience with our little ones. Moments that become cherished memories, teaching them about love, mindfulness, and connection.

When we're constantly on the move, too preoccupied to notice the beauty around us, or too busy to make eye contact with a stranger, we're missing out on the magic of the present moment. Those are the moments when you watch your child's eyes light up, savor a warm cup of tea, or share a genuine smile with someone. These instances of authentic connection are the ones that shape both us and our children.

Slowing down and shifting our mindset allows us to truly live in the present. It's about choosing to be present, to soak up the world's beauty, to give your full attention to the little details that make life extraordinary.

As I sit here reflecting on growing a family AND growing a business, I am constantly reminding myself of this sentiment and it’s something I work on with my clients constantly.

This philosophy extends to self-care, prioritizing well-being, and nourishing your body. It's about giving your health the attention it deserves, valuing your body's needs, and appreciating the incredible gift of vitality.

So, let's be mindful of what truly deserves our attention. Prioritize moments that fill your heart with joy, your spirit with peace, and your body with nourishment. In a world that never stops, let's be the ones who choose to pause, care for ourselves, and appreciate the wonders of now. ✨