Health Snacks for Kiddos

Comment if you struggle finding HEALTHY on the go snacks for kiddos (12+ mos)

It is EXTREMELY hard to find quality on the go snacks for adults, MUCH LESS for our kids!

Now I am a new Mom so in no way am I an expert in kids or am I saying my kids will never have grains or sugar, but I was getting very discouraged knowing what I recommend to adults as far as nutrition and digestion only to find that most of the “snacks” available for toddlers are loaded with wheat (which digestively can be hard on their tummies) and sugars.

I love to cook for Paisley and have meals and snacks ready for her, but sometimes I need something quick and easy- so I have been on the hunt to find good QUALITY snacks.

Here are my newest finds and current faves @myserenitykids puffs (made with cassava flour and some even have bone broth 😳) and @freshbellies freeze dried fruit. These don’t have added sugars and are made with coconut oil!

My favorite lately has been to combine the puffs with the fruit for a little sweet and savory option 😋